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Sunday, August 12, 2007

For whom I will Survive

For whom I will Survive

Laughter surrounding all over the place
Mixed with the waves clinging the stones
Water playing with the sands

Looks like it is another fine day
Calm and peaceful
Gathered groups
Enjoying their times
As quick trip
To the beach

Some are eating, some are talking

This day it was my award
For passing my finals
My brothers and I
My father promise
Being a accomplished
And here I am enjoying
The trip, my award
Playing with my mates
Being watched by
Mammy and dad
I am really so proud
Suddenly that Strong Voice
Seems like a Boom
Couldn’t recognize the voice

The eyes have become blind
The Bodies have got frozen

When I wake of the Chock
I start looking for my fox
Without no sense
I start looking for my mam
Can’t see my dad
Where are you dad?
Oh he is there lying down
But why no moves no sounds
Dad Oh dad
Why can’t he answer me?

Dad oh dad
Please reply me
Don’t leave me alone
People start gathering around me
And they moved me a way

They move my dad
Weep but hide their tears
I watched them carrying my dad, my brothers
My mam, all my life has gone
What life I have now?
For whom will I survive?
With whom will I be?
They took my life away now

Please answer me now
For whom will l survive?

WHo IS Huda????

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First of All,  With All Respect, people who want to chat with me Privately  ...sorry I don't chat with any in private chat..especially strangers..I am here for Public sharing...& Exchange useful Info...Don't want to waste my time in rubbish repeating talks....Thanks All for understanding... :) 

A normal woman who strangle to fit in this life, I try to enjoy my life as much as I can but  as a way that won't upset Allah, but I am not a militant irresponsible...respect my mind, so that I can respect lets talk...

One More Thing... Sometimes It seems like I forgot about Palestine, but really I never will or do forget that "Palestine" is in my heart and will do all my best to be remembered and to be free ....