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Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a Shame !

Here is my memories as I remember
seems like it was just yesterday
I heard that voices
Seems like they're struggling
It could be a silent scream or a cry
Appealing to be rescued
Appealing for a moment
Just to take a breath
to remember there is a word called peace
Israeli's never heard about it,
But seems like a bad dream ,
No blames , No actions to be take
As they claim we are terrorists,
And we are the bad
They just believe this is right
and thats they are fighting so hard,
to push the false to become close to be true,
but how many tries, And how many tricks
looks like they felt released,
but there isn't any respond
they have to keep on trying
Still Bombs strikes,
Still they claim without any right
NO different between Inanimate,
or human beans.
Even though animals too
Gaza people were totally forgotten,
Never will forget The silent scream,
The terrified look on their faces,
Fears lodging in the ,
Bodies forced to be frozen,
Peace Happiness buried alive,
People will try to have faith,
Pretend there is a Hope
And Children dreams will always be,
full of darkness and horror view,
All the feelings are blockade,
Gaza Plane , then Ramallah and soon west bank
And all part of Palestine will join the Play
As all around are watching and see
How the peace talk are giving beloved place
And we can't talk or act
Just a Shame!

WHo IS Huda????

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A normal woman who strangle to fit in this life, I try to enjoy my life as much as I can but  as a way that won't upset Allah, but I am not a militant irresponsible...respect my mind, so that I can respect lets talk...

One More Thing... Sometimes It seems like I forgot about Palestine, but really I never will or do forget that "Palestine" is in my heart and will do all my best to be remembered and to be free ....