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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Crashing Talks !

After two years freezing of the peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israel's ,they reunion again from three weeks under the leading od President Obama, King Abdullah and Egyptian president Mubarak and there were back and fourth meeting in with No permission to release any official statement of how it goes so far between the parties and between Washington, sharm El sheik and Paris.

In the fourth weeks the talks start to crash down , when the Israel's prime minister choose his settlers favor and decide to end the freeze of the settlement's building last week and putting the peace process talks at stake . as for his argument the Palestinians already knows already knew that the settlements in either ways it is a fact of reality and we (the Israeli's) can't end the freeze for ever.

As Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinians leader was facing very strong objections from other Palestinians factions such as Hamas, who announced previously that they are against the re-build for the peace talk as we goes without any strong assets, during the peace talk they has urged several times the Palestinians president to withdrew from the peace talk.

But Mr. Abbes found himself in a very awkward situation, when the settlements freeze ends while he was keep saying no peace talk before stop building the settlements, and have to meet with his consulting to reach for decision whether to continue or to stop.

In this time, President Obama who want to achieve his big victory during his leading period, he rushed and send his deputy so he try to Attempt rapprochement between views before it is too late.

US envoy George Mitchell tries his very best efforts and he did a reverse journeys between Ramallah (where Mahmud Abbas) and Jerusalem (Where I Netanyahu are).But it was already has an end. when officially announced by the Palestinians side that the peace talks stopped and delay for un specific period of time, the prime minister are encouraging the Mr. Abbas to continue for the peace talk.

For me I wish they never gather till they decide exactly what they want the two sides instead of wasting their time…

What we want As Palestinians next article

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