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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I can Do it!!!!

While growing up we gain some talents, that will accompany us in our coming life, and will shape your life like writing, playing sports, or even taking or any useful thing that will drew your attention and makes you busy about full time.....And by the time you start to focus in one talent, you could easily you’re yourself attached to another thing in the same time , for example…you would adore painting, but in the same time you are good in science and so on till you make your mind on the thing which will be the center and the other interest will go in a circle around it….so when can you say this is what I am welling to be or this is what I want to do in the rest of my life??

You never know when is the right time, it could be in your first years of life maybe when you are 5 or 10 years old, or maybe when you are in your thirties or forties or sometimes when you are in your fifties, it doesn’t have certain age, but I want to confirm it, because it is happening with me right now

I just discover what I want from few years ago, maybe because I am choosy and like to do everything, I want to be photographer, I want to be an English Teacher, or even I want to be a famous writer…what I believe that I can do my best if I focus in one of these, yet it have part of securing my life too, so now I believe I want to achieve my dream , the close people around me knows what I realy want to be and they really support me……what I want to reach to in the end that it really never too late wither you are in your beginning of your life or in end of it you can’t tell when is the right time, just have faith and believe in your qualifications and you will do it!!!!!

WHo IS Huda????

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First of All,  With All Respect, people who want to chat with me Privately  ...sorry I don't chat with any in private chat..especially strangers..I am here for Public sharing...& Exchange useful Info...Don't want to waste my time in rubbish repeating talks....Thanks All for understanding... :) 

A normal woman who strangle to fit in this life, I try to enjoy my life as much as I can but  as a way that won't upset Allah, but I am not a militant irresponsible...respect my mind, so that I can respect lets talk...

One More Thing... Sometimes It seems like I forgot about Palestine, but really I never will or do forget that "Palestine" is in my heart and will do all my best to be remembered and to be free ....