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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Does it Matter ...Sandy School -NewTown - USA

Does It Matter??

A 20 years old Adam lanza, as police reported entered an elementary school in a small town, Newtown, Connecticut nearby NY, at the United states of America and shoot 26 person, 20 of them children between ages of  5 -10??

I was really upset, angry frustrated, when I heard the news, first of all they are human beans, with souls that they have all the right to live, to be taken like that and this way?? never which to see those children dead nor their families great lost, in spite of the fact,  that I lives in the other half of the world, yet I was so sad for the families, they've spent their last night with their children not knowing that they will never see them again, not hearing their laughter’s, can’t ask how was your day at school?, that morning was the last time they said goodbye to them when they dropped off them to school, I am angry over the Government, they’re in the biggest and the strongest country in the world, which consider the most civilized and many of people around the world always dreams to have a chance to live in uncle Sam’s word, yet they will miss the most important thing , their safety, they will be thinking all the time wither they will be save whenever stepping outside the house? Heading to Work, school?? Even the entertainments places, last July we were chocked with the shooting which took place in the cinema theater that around 32 people were killed?? What other places you would think it will be save and then it turns to be not??  Here in the Arab countries, where I live we have our share of violence, But never heard of a man that dare to enter a public place and start shooting people?  Well back in our regional, the Middle East, that number of causalities we hear and read about it daily as a result of war situations or the territory spots such as Syria now and forever Palestine & the Israelis’.  But I’m talking here about wrong people who own very dangerous weapons that have the ability to access anywhere and start killing aimlessly talking the beloved innocent and all that under the protection of freedom?  People won’t feel save in his own country where should he be? The innocent children are dead. But from the beginning why a boy of 20 years old can access the weapons? How come the government can’t issue legislation that will organize the freedom of weapons possessions for citizens, my heart and deep sympathy for all the families.

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