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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That's still Nakba

One day I heard gossips
People wondering about me
Why she have double identity??

Why there are questions about your History
Why they called you A Refugee?
Over six decade They were forced to leave,
they were forced to immigrate
Outside Palestine and the whole world are
Watching the seen

Day by day
The numbers are in increased
The occupied lands are not to be set free
And the my Palestine people still as Immigrant
Whether it is in east,west or south
Most like it’s  just another country to be in
Expatriation are attached for the Palestinians names
Should we hold some signs for and Demonstrations?
Our location will be where
The United Nations
Over sixty one years
All what we have from you
Just A number for each of them
An immigrant with a promise later on
One day you'll might go back
OOOH No........
you will be buried here
right there where you are
But don't lose your number,
Sixty years and more we gain nothing
But we became homeless, no identity
We've learned a new definition "Nakba"
Which sounds it is our overlong disgrace

Some Citizen ..And they are
People still in my Country,
But still they’re to be called refugees

Is it true, that you cant even have a visit
and Come back with a souvenir
I guess I can't, I guess it’s no more my rights

And again day by day I realized,
All our rights are lost
between negotiations & peace talks
yet nothing seriously achieved
And the only true we still live and believe
Yet we still to be called refugees
Yet the “Nakba still to be continued...
for the last 65 years and still there are more to see

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