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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Woman you are Strong

Because I am woman, I am strong, proud for being “she”, I don’t have to prove myself to any one, I have the right to dream to wish and I can reach my goals, I have commitment to my principles which I can’t change or twist according to any circumstances. I never give up believing with good values even if it costs me to stand in the line alone.  I respect myself; as well I love my self, that I will never hurt her or do anything to damage me J

Being me is a big blessed, I am blessed for reaching my 40’s and I am in complete health, trying to minimize my mistakes and increase my knowledge by learning from life experience for the past 20 years, I never let anyone convince me that I am not capable to do anything, no one allowed to say I failed, surrounding yourself with your supporting family and friends you can make it.

Be proud of who you are, I take this chance to greet the refuges women in all over the world,, they are struggling with their children in strange countries trying to adjust in with strange culture, the absent of a husband, their families, son, daughter, grandchildren and most important away from your home country…you are the real power, wives and mothers, daughters or sisters you are great as you are…

Women day is just a reminder for you that you are there and you have the chance in this life to live it, enjoying it while sharing in building it. Be strong not to impress someone, impress yourself, no one can break you or bring you down wherever you are whatever you do, because you deserve all the best.


WHo IS Huda????

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First of All,  With All Respect, people who want to chat with me Privately  ...sorry I don't chat with any in private chat..especially strangers..I am here for Public sharing...& Exchange useful Info...Don't want to waste my time in rubbish repeating talks....Thanks All for understanding... :) 

A normal woman who strangle to fit in this life, I try to enjoy my life as much as I can but  as a way that won't upset Allah, but I am not a militant irresponsible...respect my mind, so that I can respect lets talk...

One More Thing... Sometimes It seems like I forgot about Palestine, but really I never will or do forget that "Palestine" is in my heart and will do all my best to be remembered and to be free ....